Users Information

Welcome to MKJmusic help center. This page explains how the site works, the purpose and function of certain features incorporated in the application design. Full screen view is recommended to browse and view the pages without any browser clutter.

Keyboard Tab Function

The site was designed and optimized to facilitate all users, there's no limitations. If your are unable to use a mouse or pointing device with your computer, you can still access the pages using the tab key on your computer keyboard.

Web Browser & Websites

The program you use to view and interact with a website is called a Web Browser. However, all browsers do not work in a standardized, uniform and consistent manner. Each browser uses its own metrics for displaying text size, colors, and measurements for various html elements, so the way a web page looks on one browser may differ slightly on another.

Computer Operating Systems

If you are experiencing problems accessing and viewing the content of certain pages on the site, there could be several reasons why. Depending on the age of your computer operating system, it may not be adequately equipped to handle some of the scripting languages and modern web technologies incorporated into the site.

Javascript Purpose & Functions

Having JavaScript enabled on your computer is required for many advanced features and new web applications found on some websites to function correctly. JavaScript is used to perform unique functions and provide a more interactive user experience.

This site is not heavily dependent on any type of scripting language. However, If your java script handler is disabled, It could hinder access to some of the content and affect the functionality and performance of certain pages. We recommended you enable your JavaScript for a more complete web experience.